Drainage and Tunnelling

In addition to the traditional civil engineering activities associated with developer works, Loughman is also one of only a few contractors approved by Thames Water Utilities Limited to connect into the existing local sewage network.

This is a highly specialist operation that uses our experience of deep drainage and tunnelling to provide safe temporary works solutions that access the deep networks within London. Loughman is equipped to carry out the following works in relation to developers’ services drainage to the required Adoptable Standards:

  • Storm and foul connections
  • Connections to trunk sewers and deep drainage
  • Lateral connections
  • Sewer and clean water diversions
  • Tunnelling, shaft and timber headings
  • Open cut connections
  • Waste treatment works
  • Culvert construction
  • Surface water treatment including SUDS and interceptor construction
  • Inspection, high pressure water jetting and CCTV surveying of drainage networks